Custom built and painted Fender Telecaster Flying Frying Fingers by Al Reid and Eddie Breen
The "Flying Frying Fingers" Fender Telecaster is custom built by Al Reid, Luthier, paint by Eddie Breen, Unusual Artist. It's available on eBay here.
The Eddie Breen Experience Piggyback Art
Eddie Breen makes 'Piggyback Art' of a singular nature - he collects homemade art and recreates over it. Al Reid Guitars is stripping a Telecaster for Eddie to freely paint. When Eddie's satisfied, Al will clearcoat the piece and rebuild it for a Fender unlike any other in existence.
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We also build one-of-a-kind handcrafted custom instruments. Collectors: FlyingFryingFingers Fender Telecaster currently for sale is a unique collaboration with artist Eddie Breen to create the first in a series of totally playable art/musical instruments.
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Fine finish work and performance tuning to get the most from the instrument                        Custom set-ups and hardware upgrades , you name it!

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